{ Affichomanie }

(French) Poster-mania, refers to the poster craze of the 1890's

Affichomanie offers one of the most spectacular collections of original vintage bicycle posters in the world. Housed in Madison, Wisconsin, many of the posters are on display at Machinery Row Bicycles (601 Williamson St.) and Budget Bicycle Centers (930, 1124, 1201, 1230 Regent St) in Madison. The entire collection is available for viewing by appointment. Please contact us @ 608/251.8413 for an appointment

Affichomanie was established in 2012, bringing together passion for collectable original art and love of the bicycle. Gallery Manager Benjamin Scherer holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin (B.A.) in Art History and the University of Glasgow (MLitt, with Merit) in Connoisseurship of Early European Art. While completing his master's degree, Benjamin studied under department heads and professors from Christie's auction house and Christie's Education in London, UK. In addition to posters, Benjamin has worked with a number of auction houses, galleries, private collectors, and museums in the areas of ancient and medieval art, nineteenth century European art, as well as nineteenth and twentieth century paintings. A longtime veteran of the bicycle industry, Benjamin found a perfect synthesis of his passion for bikes and original artwork in early cycle posters. With great excitement, we share that passion at Affichomanie.

Every poster offered by Affichomanie is an authentic and guaranteed original work of art. We only work with authentic original posters, which were designed and produced on the poster's given date (generally 1890 - 1914). We do not deal with reproductions of any kind. Every poster offered by Affichomanie is a first edition. In fact, the very nature of the stone lithography method used to produce early posters would make a second edition or reprint impossible. Read more about how early posters were made, and what makes them original artwork here.